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Camille Cabrera

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Storyteller at Heart

Camille Cabrera is a #1 best selling American novelist and entrepreneur. She specializes in mystery and thriller novels. Camille focuses on creating strong and complicated female protagonists in order to craft realistic characters. Her novels are available at most places where books are sold.

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Why Books?

Camille Cabrera fell in love with reading from a very young age. She struggled at first, but eventually came into her own. Camille loved the appeal of having access to different worlds at the tips of her fingers. Now, she creates unique realms that parallel and often sharply parody reality. Camille loves writing because she aims to foster a sense of connection with her readers. Her cozy mystery novels highlight the importance of community while encouraging curiosity and courage.

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Notebook and Pen


Nine worlds and counting...

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Catalina's Tide

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The Mystery of Mistletoe Motel

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The Rule of Three

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Our Perfect Murder

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Below the Water

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Troublesome Trades: The Inkblot Crow Mystery


Lady Cavendish's Christmas Caper


The First Paper Cut: An Anniversary to Die For

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Newest Novel A Best Selling Success

November 13, 2023

Check out the latest best selling novel by Camille Cabrera. Lady Cavendish's Christmas Caper ranked in the top 10 on four different Amazon charts.

Lady Cavendish firmly believes that she's only a lady in name. All of her friends call her Charlie. She’s convinced that the name Charlotte is too sophisticated and borders on being painfully self-assured. Lately, nothing about Charlie's life bolsters her confidence. In fact, she has absolutely no idea what she's doing...

Charlie has until next Christmas to find a priceless missing art piece that’s the only thing standing between her and her inheritance. The cozy British town is hiding more than just the location of the noteworthy artwork. Charlie’s late grandmother wrote that she would only receive the castle and all its treasures after successfully finding the tactfully hidden artwork. As the clock moves closer to the deadline, it will take a Christmas miracle to help Charlie earn her inheritance and keep her wonderful new home.

Eager to explore Haversham, Charlie heads out sightseeing. It isn’t long until a flat tire leaves her stranded outside of the local tavern where a tall brooding stranger lends her a helping hand. Intrigued, Charlie proposes an innocent little wager. One harmless bet leads to another and soon she’s agreed to host a Christmas Eve party at the castle. Unwilling to admit defeat, she takes the challenge in stride, but will the town’s sleepy secrets come to light just in time to foil the holiday spirit?

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Coming Soon!

December 2023

Quila sneaks onto a pirate ship that's headed across the ocean during one of the coldest months of the year. The farther that the crew travels, the closer danger lurks just below the water.

The fantastical mystery behind the creation of Boston.

Below The Water - Camille Cabrera - ebook. cover.jpg
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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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