Camille Cabrera

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Storyteller at Heart

Camille Cabrera is an American novelist and entrepreneur. She specializes in mystery and thriller novels. Camille focuses on strong and complicated female protagonists in order to create more realistic characters. Her novels are available at most places where books are sold.


Why Books?

Camille Cabrera fell in love with reading from a very young age. She struggled at first, but eventually came into her own. Camille loved the appeal of different worlds at the tips of her fingers. Now, she creates different realms and lives that parallel and often sharply parody reality. Camille loves writing and there is nothing else that she would rather do with her time.



Four Worlds and Counting...

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Catalina's Tide

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The Mystery of Mistletoe Motel

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The Rule of Three

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November 23, 2021

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Promising accountant Lacy Pondwater never wanted to own the Mistletoe Motel. However, when Lacy’s mother passes away and her dad grows too old to readjust roof tiles, she scrambles, with the help of her younger sister Stacy, to keep the family business afloat. Worse, the motel has been in desperate need of an update since the ‘80s and is overlooked by travelers thanks to GPS maps routing away potential customers. On a constantly shrinking shoestring budget, Lacy’s maxed out every credit card and is at the end of her rope. 

After a few too many glasses of wine and paranormal crime shows, Lacy embellishes the description of the Mistletoe Motel online to include Victorian era haunts and the occasional ghost encounter. Business rapidly picks up and after a few days, Stacy tells Lacy that guests have been finding their belongings in the strangest of places, like inside of the chimney. A question slowly circles around the back of Lacy’s mind. Did she inadvertently invite a haunting to Mistletoe Motel, or are her eager guests merely manifesting their own adventures? Of course, white lies always come back to bite, and when a ghost hunting television show asks to film, the sisters reluctantly agree. Only a Christmas miracle can save the motel from bankruptcy and Lacy from a life of fraud.

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau